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Leon Capital Group acquires existing, value-add industrial properties throughout the United States, concentrating on infill properties in high growth markets. Optimal project sizes range from $5,000,000 to $30,000,000 and are priced below replacement cost. LCG targets investments with below market in-place rents, distressed sellers, distressed structures, or other various attributes that support a value-add strategy. Additionally, the team utilizes its vast network of brokers, owners, sellers, and relationships with other developers to capitalize on off-market and under the radar opportunities.


Leon Capital Group is also actively pursuing land sites in high growth markets throughout the United States for Class A industrial development. These assets will be tilt wall, high clear, institutional grade facilities varying in size from 200,000 square feet to 2,000,000 square feet. With a track record of development execution across multiple asset classes, Leon Capital is uniquely positioned to handle the site selection, development, and construction process in-house while achieving above-market returns for our investors.

Both our acquisition and development strategies are agnostic to hold period. We believe in both the long-term viability of the asset class and the value of portfolio aggregation; however, we continuously assess the ideal exit for each individual asset

Joint Venture Partnerships

Leon Capital Group also partners with other industrial developers to provide capital, capacity, and expertise. These partnerships range from co-GP structures, where we share in both equity and development responsibility, to passive LP investments.  Leon Capital has the flexibility and capital resources to be creative in forming alternative strategies and partnership structures to take advantage of any special situations that may be required for optimal execution and value creation.