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Project Description


(5705 4th St, Lubbock, TX 79416)

The Site:

1.490 acre Casa Ole (4,458 square feet) with 35,700 square feet of land, situated due west of W Loop 289 in Lubbock as an outparcel to a Walmart Supercenter.

The Task:

Acquire, Demolish, and deliver a Chick-fil-A site and building ready for an immediate opening to the public.

The Challenge:

The property is located within a very challenging floodplain designation and was initially requested to meet standards that would have delayed the project by 9-18 months, if it were able to be developed at all. Additionally, Chick-fil-A had previously never allowed for a Build-to-Suit delivery in the Southwest Region, so expectations for a seamless and perfect delivery existed throughout the process.

The Initial Plan:

When the initial comments were received from the City of Lubbock, the entire team knew the solution was going to be obtained through a thorough drainage analysis and painstaking design process.

The Complication:

The positive drainage across our parcel from south to north through Lubbock’s playa lake regional drainage and detention system could not be disturbed in any way, requiring us to completely balance the site with no offsite impacts either upstream or downstream beyond existing conditions.   The problem lay in the fact that the building envelope had to be moved and the site had to be built up to accommodate a drive thru while still accomplishing those goals.

The Resolution:

The LCG team worked with its engineers and Chick-fil-A’s design team to appropriately balance the site while still building it up enough to accommodate the drive thru, all while simultaneously coordinating with Chick-fil-A and their consultants to deliver the Southwest Region’s first ever Build-to-Suit.

The Execution:

After the comments from the City of Lubbock, the drainage analysis was initiated immediately. After weeks and weeks of study, our team was able to determine it was possible to negate the issue.

Now that a solution to the drainage issue had been found, we needed to confirm that development could avoid triggering the need to submit to FEMA for a LOMR and/or CLOMR, as that would add 9-18 months of time to the entitlement process. After a meeting with the City of Lubbock, it was confirmed that this solution that would negate the need to involve FEMA, as long as the new building was built above the current flood elevation per City requirements.

At Leon Capital, our focus is to identify the obstacles quickly and determine ways to overcome them to achieve our objectives.  In this case, our team passed the test with flying colors.

The Outcome:

In August of 2017, Chick-fil-A was delivered the first Build-to-Suit store in the Southwest Region, early and on budget.