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What We Do

The Single Family Group designs and develops for sale residential communities that provide an excellent value for our strategic partners and homeowners. This process includes not only providing just-in-time delivery of finished, permit-ready lots to our preferred homebuilders, but also thoughtful, sustainable and integrated developments to the surrounding communities with whom we collaborate. Project types and locations range from design-build “infill” to takedown lot positions within suburban master-planned communities.


Investment Criteria

LCG’s single family projects range from five to 250 acres. Investment profiles generally fit into one of three categories – each with a unique investment structure:

  • Single-phase or “design build”
  • Traditional subdivision
  • Multi-phase or “master-planned”

While our company culture is entrepreneurial in nature, LCG’s areas of focus are usually:

  • Project sizes – $5 to $35 Million
  • Geography – Top 30 markets in both housing starts and employment growth throughout the Southwest and Southeast United States
  • Building partners – Large, regional private or public homebuilding companies