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The Team

As an idea-driven company with a laser focus on results, we know that our intrinsic value – unmatched by any other company – is a function of our extraordinary team of professionals. We invite you to get to know our team better.


Fernando De Leon

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Canafax

Chief Investment Officer

Jake Walker

Chief Operating Officer

David Cocanougher

President, Multifamily

Rob Pivnick

General Counsel


Franklin Diaz

Managing Director, Private Equity

Carl Starry

Managing Director, Multifamily Development

Will Tolliver

Managing Director, Retail

Jesus Araiza

Managing Director, Retail

James Stone

Managing Director, Retail Acquisitions

Aaron Ketchand

Managing Director, Residential Development

Adam Lentz

Managing Director, Self-Storage


Evan Autry

Senior Accountant, Retail

Jacob Bennack

Clerical Assistant

Scott Berry

Vice President, Asset Management

Matt Bloomfield

Vice President, Retail Development

Matthew Bodzy

Senior Associate, Development

Kiley Campbell

Lease Administrator

Ronnie Carlson

Associate, Acquisitions

Matthew Carothers

Manager, Technology

Casey Carson

Associate, Construction Manager

Brian Caviness

Associate, Development

Javier Creixell

Director, Investments

Hunter Dallas

Vice President, Private Equity

Mireya Dominguez


Tom Doster

Director, Development Management

Ian Evans

Associate, Strategy

Mark Fischgrund

Associate, Investments

Jessica Fudge

Manager, Accounting

Tucker Gagen

Associate, Private Equity

Ryan Griffin

Director, Leasing

Brad Hagmann

Associate, Acquisitions

Bowen Hendrix

Senior Associate, Acquisitions

Thomas Hoy

Senior Associate, Development

Sean Jordan

Associate, Acquisitions

Matthew Knowles

Vice President, Property Management

Nedra Leach

Vice President, Closing

Garret LeBlanc

Vice President, Retail Acquisitions

Chase Lindsey

Senior Analyst

Scott Lyday

Vice President, Construction

Monica Marino

Executive Assistant, Office Administrator

Wyatt Maxwell

Assistant General Counsel

Patrick McGee

Senior Analyst

Stephen McGuirk

Vice President, Entitlements

Scott Milke

Manager, Multifamily Construction

Taylor Mitcham

Senior Associate, Acquisitions

Daniel Morales

Senior Associate, Leasing

Turia Neal

Senior Associate, Retail Accounting

Christina Nguyen

Administrative Assistant

Mayela Alvarado-Nichols

Associate, Corporate Accounting

Andrew Nilges

Associate, Asset Management

Scott E. Parr

Director, Finance & Accounting

Bob Parrish

Vice President, Retail Construction

Mihir Patel

Senior Accountant, Private Equity

Wandra Pittman

Senior Accountant, Retail

Antonino Poma

Senior Associate, Leasing

Ethan Prescott

Associate Vice President, Development

Sarah Saadeh

Associate, Closing

Mike Savage

Senior Associate, Development

Blake Schroeder

Director, Multifamily Development

Mariia Shtereb

Senior Associate, Multifamily Accounting

Adam Smith

Vice President, Retail

Chance Taylor

Vice President, Multifamily

Freddy Tsai

Vice President, Investments

Jonathan Vollinger

Associate, Acquisitions

Matt Wiggins

Senior Director, Finance & Accounting

Alex Woodard


Brent Woods

Director, Capital Markets